If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re almost always overwhelmed, on the verge of burnout, success-obsessed, and tired. Very, very tired. And it’s even worse for dental entrepreneurs if we couple it with the modern complexities of healthcare expectations.

Lost in lists, financial reports, and patient problems, you don’t have much time to focus on improving your mindset, so you can work better, live better, and ultimately, improve your dental practice success. You are just trying to survive.

And hey, I can relate.


I’ve decided to help you out (you’re welcome) by explaining one key entrepreneurial mindset practice for dentists [or anyone] that has helped me dramatically improve work/life balance, avoid endless burnout, master the art of prioritization, and find joy…

I’m calling it “The Seasonal Mindset”

Now, even though I’ve been called “The Hippie Dentist” for my chill-style and long hair, The Four Seasons Mindset isn’t about frolicking in a field of daisies during the summer and getting cozy with a pumpkin spice latte in the winter.

It’s about appreciating what life is giving you TODAY.

It’s about developing a positive perspective on your personal and professional growth by acknowledging that, like the earth, our lives transition inevitably through different seasons. And the seasons keep cycling. No two are exactly the same.

The Seasonal Mindset is a practice that dental entrepreneurs can adopt to understand that tough times don’t last forever, and good times don’t either – so you’ve gotta make the most of what you have, while you have it.

Explaining The Four Seasons Mindset for dental entrepreneurs

As humans, we have this bias that the way things are today is how they will always be. An example of this would be raising young kids.

With sleep deprivation, steep learning curves, and poop everywhere, you might think, “How am I going to survive this?” Because your mind likes to make you believe it’ll last forever.

And then it doesn’t last forever.

It changes, shifts, and transitions to a new season – with new experiences, new joys, and new hardships to journey through.

Now think about how different our planetary seasons are. Our lives are the same as the seasons we see transforming all around us in constant cycles.

  • In Spring, we’re shaking off the dead leaves, starting fresh, and blossoming into life. It’s time to get some sunshine, smell the flowers, and watch as nature comes back to life.
  • In Summer, we’re full of energy, heating up our efforts, and unlocking creativity. Master that tan, get to the beach, and take that vacation!
    In Fall, we’re slowing down as we prepare for darker, slower, colder months. Start trimming the bushes, turning of the air conditioners, and preparing for winter.
  • In winter, we’re leaning into rest and reflection, saving energy for a new year. But, gosh, this is the time for skiing!

I wish I could say that your LIFE seasons will be as distinct and consistent as the Earth’s. But I can promise you that they will all be unique…and some of them you will only get to experience once.

What happened when I didn’t have the right mindset

I want to give you an example of what happened to me when I failed to acknowledge the different seasons of life, so hopefully, you can avoid making the same mistake as me.

At one stage, I was trying (unsuccessfully) to overlap two seasons that seriously didn’t mix well: Building multiple dental locations and raising young children.

While in the trenches of parenting and business building, I failed to recognize how unique and finite the “raising young kids season” truly was, which caused me to miss a lot of it while I focused on business opportunities that would (ironically) keep coming.

And I’ll never get that season back.

I didn’t prioritize the most important of the seasons. I didn’t give myself the space to enjoy it, appreciate it, smile into what it is, and really make the most of the opportunities there.

Professional opportunities will always come. But raising young kids was a one-time opportunity. If I knew then what I know now, I would’ve recognized my unique and limited season – and I would have taken advantage of it.

3 ways dental entrepreneurs benefit from The Seasonal Mindset

So, how does adopting The Seasonal Mindset actually help dental entrepreneurs? Here are the three key ways this entrepreneur mindset can help you unleash your potential, change your perspective, and lead you to better dental practice success.

#1 Gratitude

The season we’re in now will not last forever. There is a new season coming. Once you remember this, you’ll give yourself a positive perspective that can help you focus on the right things, plan better, and create more dental practice success.

In other words, instead of saying:

“I freaking hate this season; I just want to get out of it!”

What if you dental entrepreneurs said:

“One day, this season will be gone, and even though it’s hard, there are experiences inside this season that I’ll never get to have again. How can I make the most of that?”

#2 Prioritization

When you adopt The Seasonal Mindset, it’s easier to prioritize specific tasks and big-picture stuff because you’ll know what season you’re in.

Whether it’s the season of personal development, dental practice growth, or business planning – with each decision, you can bring yourself back to the type of season you’re in.

That can look like saying no to business opportunities while you focus on your kids, for example.

It can also look like saying yes to business opportunities while you’re feeling energized, motivated, and creative.

Or maybe it’s choosing to plan for next year instead of taking extra client meetings – because you’re in your business “winter.”

#3 Motivation

If you’re facing a particularly tough season (like losing dental patients or heavy personal stuff), knowing this is a season that won’t stay the same forever can help motivate you to keep moving forward.

Understanding that a new season is coming will give you the boost you need to get through the hard days both professionally and personally, knowing change is coming with possibly brighter days ahead. And remember, the seasons of Earth all build off of one another. You can’t have Spring without the Winter.

How dental entrepreneurs can apply The Seasonal Mindset

On both a personal and professional level, ask yourself:

  • What are the unique aspects of the seasons of life you’re currently living in?
  • What are the things you may not see again in future seasons?
  • What would it look like for you to make the most of that and appreciate it – even if it was really hard?
  • What seasons will come to you no matter what?
  • Can you give yourself the grace you need to appreciate where you are, as opposed to running as fast as possible and missing the beauty of the season?

These questions can help you set the right entrepreneur mindset and focus on all the right things.

A timely example

My past quarter was an emotional and physical winter, characterized by deep pain, loss, and unexpected hardship in my personal life. I had a LOT of business plans that were impacted. But I respected my season, and I resisted the temptation to “keep my foot on the gas pedal.” I put the business plans on hold for another day, and I embraced creating space for the personal energy being felt by people close to me. I made space to support them. And as I’m emerging, I’m so grateful for my Seasonal Mindset.

Some parting food for thought

You know, it’s funny how we’re so quick to say, “I don’t know if I’ll ever get this chance again” when it comes to professional opportunities.

But we are really slow to say that when it comes to the temporary and precious things in life, like spending time with the ones we love.

If you do nothing else, simply ponder that.

I hope you dental entrepreneurs have found this lesson helpful!

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I’m Dr. Eric J Roman, your heart-centered mentor inspiring change and manifesting impact to help you create a better future for your dental practice and the dental industry at large.

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