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If you’ve been dreaming of building a large organization with a healthy and happy team — and transforming your personal and professional life — I can help you build a  bigger future

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Eric is a brilliant man with great business sense. He is a true visionary. I strongly encourage you to seek Eric because if anybody can help you become a better dentist, a better businessperson or a better human, it's going to be Eric. He is one of the most positive people I've ever met in my life.

Dr. Chad Duplantis

DDS, Owner, Fossil Creek Dental Partners, LLP; Speaker, Key Opinion Leader

Eric Roman is a remarkable visionary and simply one of the “good guys” in the dental space. He has a passion for clarifying vision in the lives and businesses of others while holistically addressing the whole person with relentless positivity. That passion creates a unique brand of wisdom to help entrepreneurs along a successful path.

Jeromy R. Dixson

DMD, MBA, Founder and CEO - Dental Capital Partners and The DSO Project

Eric Roman is an explosion of energy that lights up any room. His combination of positive attitude and inexhaustible knowledge has no equal. If you are looking to take your company to the next stratosphere, let Eric be that beacon to guide you along the journey!

Dr. Marc Adelberg

DDS, Founder and Visionary, Adelberg Montalvan Pediatric Dental Group; Diplomate, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

The shifts that I have experienced this past year in my professional life AND my personal life are simply breathtaking….and it wouldn’t have happened without my relationship with Eric.

Jason Ayers

Owner, Visionary Alignment

What makes Eric so valuable is that he’s experienced my biggest challenges himself! And as a high-level Visionary, he understands the pains I’m encountering while we grow. He has this ability to unlock my mind to help me sort out the highest priorities. Every time we talk, I leave with clarity.

Dr. Greg Toback

DMD, MS, Founder, Shoreline Periodontics Group

I’ll never forget the day Eric changed my life in a 20-minute chat in a hotel bar. In a few short years since that meeting, I went from practicing alone to operating 8 locations — and we are growing every day. He elevated my game, and he elevated my life. If that’s what you want, you won’t find anyone better.

Dr. Andrew Henritze

DDS, Founder and President, Henritze Dental Group

In a short time, Eric helped me through several employee dynamics that had been weighing on me for several years. Not only do our sessions together lead to practical and actionable solutions, but every time I walk away feeling confident and capable as a leader of the business. I’ll be working with Eric for a very long time.

Ryan Cope

Co-Founder, WANDR

I felt like I just met the Tony Robbins of dentistry!

Dr. Taran Bhatia

DDS, Owner, Temple Dental Arts + Red Balloon Dentistry + Lago Vista Family Dentistry; Dental Business Coach @ Black Diamond Executive Coaching

Eric’s guidance, consulting, and support were invaluable in seeing through my exit to a private equity group at an excellent valuation. But working with Eric wasn’t as much about helping me close up my life as a dentist as it was about pushing me toward my dream of doing something different after selling. I will be forever grateful to Eric, his spirit, and his genius.

Dr. Blake Kingsbury

DDS, Past CEO, Gastonia Dental Center; Founder and CEO, Vela Boatworks; Founder, One Dental Match

In a single afternoon, Eric brought me out of confusion and back to clarity about who I am and why I started my business. In less than a year since then, my business has grown 10x, I am living more authentically, I’m finding joy in my business again, and I’m watching my team thrive like never before.

Melanie Merkling

Founder and CEO, Tightrope Ventures

Dr. Eric Roman's true gift as a coach and mentor is his ability to inspire his clients to discover what is truly important in their lives. The savings you get in time, emotional investment, and mental bandwidth are why I wholeheartedly recommend him.

Dr. Glenn Vo

DDS, Founder and CEO, Nifty Thrifty Dentists; Owner, Denton Smiles Dentistry



Eric has been delivering the 1LIFE System to entire organizations through company events, digital learning sessions, and asynchronous programs. The results? It’s consistently rated as one of..if not program their teams have ever experienced. You’ll get life-changing, soul-satisfying positive feedback from every attendee…from owners and executives through entry-level employees. Oh…and managers report higher engagement and lower turnover after team members participate in our continuum. What would that feel like?


If you are an entrepreneur, owner, CEO, executive, professional or any type of high-performer, you’ve probably found that business success doesn’t always lead to the fun, fulfillment and freedom you expected in your personal life. The 1Life Circle was build for you. Find out how this amazing system can help you unlock an authentic path of personal joy!
Joyful people


Management…When did it become a dirty, four-letter word?

In healthcare, no matter how large your business, everything rises and falls and good management. Here’s the catch…the management “training” of the past 200 years isn’t working. And our young teams of millennials, Gen Y, and Gen Z, are calling us out and begging for something better. The answer is joyFULL People…the quick, revolutionary approach to management. In less than a few hours, every leader in your organization will have the tools and understanding to drive true engagement tomorrow. This program has been changing lives in healthcare and beyond. Your people deserve it.

Joyful people
Podcasts-Eric J Roman


Have Eric join your podcast. Look through our inventory here to see how
well he shines in a Q&A format. While his core message is about the power of
personal and family life health, he can speak to practically any topic in
business, health, investments, mindset, and beyond.
Podcasts-Eric J Roman


Audiences love Eric’s energy, stories, and real-world approach to
business and life. He’s done everything from event intros to
keynote addresses to all-day workshops.