Is there a culture divide in your workplace? Perhaps it’s a secret mini war that you don’t even realize is happening.

When a workplace fosters a divide between managers, company owners, and their employees, it creates a rift.

Eric Roman, joyFULL People visionary, believes that we need to usher in the “generation of we” instead of the old-school us versus them mentality.

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In the past, the way traditional workplaces operated was very much an us versus them setup. Us, as the employer/manager/owner, and “them” as the employee.

Who started this? Where did it come from? Maybe we’re all a little guilty. Companies have always sought to maximize their profits, often by minimizing employees. Employees have sought personal gain, even when at the expense of the company.

Then, HR stepped in, and we created laws and policies that further widened that gap between managers and employees. It moved us into protected, isolated roles.

What slowly happened was that employment became a game, one that everyone is trying to win. But in reality, no one really does.

That’s why it’s time for things to change. The good news is, we’re already seeing that change in workplaces around the world.

How the workplace is changing

This separation between the company and employees may have made sense once upon a time, but things have changed.

Employees are expecting more from their working lives. They don’t want to live just to work. Expectations have changed, and companies now realize that their employees…are real humans too.

These forward-thinking companies realize that their employees deserve to be cared for, and they deserve to grow. With this forward-thinking, humanized approach, we can all win.

How the companies win as well as the employees

It’s not just the employees who win from this cultural shift in the workplace. The companies that hire them are benefitting too. They can produce great products with a happier, more productive workforce. And those products drive continued growth and profitability. Everybody wins!

So, is it time to finally move away from the us versus them mentality? We’ve seen it made fun of in shows like The Office. It has become a cliché and a running joke almost.

What’s clear is that this is the old-school way of thinking. It’s time to move on from that and instead usher in the generation of we – not us versus them. If workplaces forge a better connection between management and employees, we can start to work together as mutuals, not enemies.

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